What can I expect to learn through practising Mindfulness?




Cultivate a new relationship to experience

*    Step out of automatic pilot

*    Using all the senses to gain awareness

*    See thoughts as mental events "metacognitive awareness"

*    Adopt an attitude of interest, curiousity, friendliness to experience

*    Accept what is here, even if its unwanted

*    Notice the wandering mind, acknowledge where the mind went

*    Return the wandering mind back to the intended point of focus

*    With kindness and compassion towards the self

In the 8 weeks of an MBCT course we cover the following topics in life:

#1 Living on Automatic Pilot

#2 Living in our Heads

#3 Gathering the Scattered Mind

#4 Recognising Aversion

#5 Acceptance, Holding, Allowing, Letting be

#6 Thoughts are NOT facts

#7 How can I best take care of myself?

#8 Maintaining and extending new learning


This foundation course takes us through 12 themes which can explored in more depth by taking

1-2-1 mindfulness classes beyond the 8 week course to deepen, refresh or review your practice.







Approach difficulty and explore it through its expression in the body

*   Notice habitual patterns of thinking and feeling and how the body reacts

*   Handle each moment as best you can

*   What do I need for myself right now? How can I best take care of myself right now?

*   Become aware of reactions that tend to deepen distress and contribute to its persistence

*   Observe thoughts without reacting

*   Acknowledge them

Bring all this practice into your everyday life with the Three-step Breathing Space

*   Awareness of immediate experience - thoughts sensations and emotions

*   Decenter and ground through focussed attention to the breath

*   Take a broader more spacious perspective to everyday life



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